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  Cities Screen Saver Vs. 1.01

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What is the Cities screen saver?

It's free and my main purpose of this is for education. This is a good educational and entertaining screen saver which shows photographs of various cities around the World.
What makes this educational, is the fact that it waits a few seconds after showing the image to see if you can guess where the location is, then it shows the location in the lower, left corner of the screen. Contains 27 images!
I did not take the photographs, and I hope to identify the photographers as time progresses.

Cities ssaver screen shot

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, or Win2000.
  • 16-bit (High) color or higher
  • Pentium I or faster

Cities.exe (3.1 Meg)

NOTE: To view the Cities screen saver at best, please verify that your screen colors are set to 16-bit (High color) or higher, and it looks better at 800x600 res.

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