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  Jive1 Vs. 1.05 - Updated 06/01/2002.

A great, new FREEWARE program called JIVE1 ! Even though this is free, I would appreciate any donations or postcards. This project took me about two months to produce, so I welcome any appreciation or feedback.

What's Jive1?
It allows you to convert your normal English text to 'jive', 'texan', or 'valley girl' slang text! I welcome your feedback!

This runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, Win2k, XP (or later).

  • You can select a file or just start typing text.
  • Does not change your existing/input files.
  • Can adequately convert MS Word documents.
  • No install file yet, but it's all in ONE zip file, so it's easy to use. The download is a zip file, so simply unzip it and copy it to it's own folder somewhere and run it.  (~ 270k)



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freeware, Jive1 is a great jive program - cool and fun to use. Great jive, valley girl, and texan slang talk. It's just like the old dos version of jive, except it's now using Windows and has more features!