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  KSTray Vs. 1.03 - Updated 08/12/2006

This is a utility that allows you to minimize any program to your system tray area and remove it from the task bar. You can define any program, and you can also define your own icon to use! KSTray will remember the program the next time you run it as well. At any time, you can show or hide the program window.
This is donation-ware! (No nagging windows) :)
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  • Runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, Win2000, XP (or later).

  • While KSTray is running, right-click over the KSTray icon to get all the options.
  • You can define the program to send to the system tray!
  • You can also define the tray icon to use.
  • At any time, you can show or hide the "trayed" program.
  • Mouse over the KSTray icon to see the hint that shows which program is being "trayed".
  • Supports command-line options.
    Below is an example of command-line parameter usage (Note: you must use specify all of them in this order.Just leave the value empty if you don't want to use it. This goes in the TARGET box in your shortcut properties window:
    "C:\Program Files\KSTray\KSTray.exe"
    -title=MSWord -exact=n -icon=c:\test.ico -auto-close=Y

    Descriptions for the command-line switches:
    -title= switch describing what window (title) caption to look for.
    -exact= switch describing whether to find an exact match on the title or just a close match.
    -icon= switch depicting an optional icon file for the target program.
    -auto-close= switch depicting whether to automatically close when the target program closes.
  • It's free! (donations are greatly accepted)

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was d2gtray, KSTray - This is a nice utility which sends any program to your system tray. It automatically hides it from the taskbar too. Cool development.