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What's this page about? It's a listing of cool utilities and programs that I think you'll find cool and helpful. Some of this software is very hard to find and in a few cases I offer it as a download on this site. All of this is software that I use now or have used in the past. Some of it's freeware and some shareware - both noted with small icons.

This list is sorted alphabetically by program name. And now on to the list...

  1. CD/DVD burning software - visit website -   [freeware]
    CDBurnerXP is a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, etc.

  2. CD - rip music from a CD - CDex - visit info/download page.   [freeware]
    - CDex is a freeware application which is able to record audio tracks from a CD-ROM, and save those files to disk in either regular WAV (MP3 or WAV) file.

  3. Color Wheel Pro - visit website -   [shareware]
    A unique software program that allows you to see color theory in action. You can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples.

  4. Command line - Console2 - visit info/download page.   [freeware]
    - Yes, I still use the cmd.exe, but why use it when you can have "Console"! It's a Windows console window enhancement. Console features include: multiple tabs, text editor-like text selection, different background types, alpha and color-key transparency, configurable font, different window styles. It's opensource and free!

  5. Contact manager - Contact1 - visit info/download page.   [shareware]
    - this is my version of an address book, except it offers added features such as custom fonts and colors, Internet-enabled, sits in system tray, and much more!

  6. ExtractNow - visit info/download page.   [freeware/donationware]
    - ExtractNow is a simple utility that allows you to extract multiple archives quickly and easily. ExtractNow is not a complete archival solution. It's main purpose it to allow the user to extract multiple archives easily. ExtractNow supports ZIP, RAR, ACE, IMG, IMA, IMZ, ISO, and BIN, and archives.

  7. E-mail sender - GMail2 - visit info/download page.   [shareware]
    - this is a great e-mail program that allows you to send customized e-mail messages to your e-mail lists. Very easy to use and very fast! :)

  8. File diff - WinMerge - visit info/download page.   [freeware]
    - good tool for finding differences between files. Features: Visual differencing of text files, Diff a single file, or entire directories, Merge differences, Multi-level undo, Directory recursion, Integrated editor, Rudimentary Visual SourceSafe integration, Localizable interface via/ resource DLL.

  9. File splitter - GSplit - visit homepage page.   [freeware]
    - a nice, free file splitter that lets you split your large files (like Self-Extracting, Zip archives, multimedia, song, music, picture, document files...) into a set of smaller files called pieces.

  10. Foneword/32 - download   [freeware]
    - Cool, fun utility which shows names from a phone #! Cool idea for remembering those phone numbers - just give 'em a name!

  11. FTP server - WFTPD - visit info/download page.   [shareware]
    - WFTPD-Winsock FTP Server (32-bit) is an FTP server for Windows (95/98/NT) PCs that enables local users on a LAN or dial-in clients to access files on your computer. It runs in the background allowing users to use complete FTP functions on any PC. Built-in security includes disallowing Anonymous logins, individual user level passwords, inactivity timeout, concurrent user access limits and access by internet address mask. WFTPD is a very simple, easy to setup; lots of features!

  12. hex editor - Hackman - visit home page.   [freeware/shareware]
    - nice hex editor with a lot of features.

  13. Information management - TreePad - visit info/download page.   [freeware]
    - this is a cool text database utility which allows a tree-view to any data you want to organize.

  14. Music - convert sound files - Total Recorder - visit info/download page.   [shareware]
    - Convert various sound format files. This 32-bit utility supports RealMedia (.rm) files as well, letting you convert the audio portion of those files into .wav format.

  15. Password manager - KeePass - visit info/download page.   [freeware - open source]
    - I use it myself! free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager. A must have.

  16. PDF maker - PDF995 - visit info/download page   [freeware/shareware]
    This installs as a print driver, so you can create a PDF from any document! Very easy to use - highly recommended. I use it myself.

  17. PicaView32 - [Win2k, WinXP] - visit info/download page.   [shareware]
    - this is a fantastic image viewer which installs into your Windows Explorer right-click menu. Very easy and convenient to use. My favorite and most-used utility!

  18. Print file listings - ExpPrint - visit info/download page.   [freeware/shareware]
    - Cool, easy utility for printing file/directory/drive listings. I've tried a lot of similar tools and this is by far the easiest and most convenient to use. You can print directly from Windows Explorer.

  19. Programmer IDE (code editor) - PsPad - visit info/download page.   [freeware]
    - my top choice for an IDE. I use it for all my web development - great for any scripting language. Tons of features and free!

  20. Rename files - visit info/download page   [freeware]
    Rename4u allows you to rename files, renumber, change case, change permissions and much more! Very easy to use (and free).

  21. Scheduler - JIT Scheduler - visit info/download page   [shareware: $15]
    • Executes programs, opens documents, performs system shutdown, reboot, displays text messages.
    • Scheduler can run tasks at defined time or repeat executions periodically.
    • Much more!

  22. Showman - visit info/download   [freeware]
    - This is a cool, small utility that graphs disk space utilization in a pie-chart. It's interactive and you can choose directories, drives, etc. Cool!

  23. Startup Control Panel - visit info/download page.   [freeware]
    Tired of always launching the same programs when your system boots up? This applet allows you to automatically launch programs when your system starts up. Of course, you can do that manually, by changing entries in your Registry. But this program's simple interface lets you avoid that confusion--and best of all, the program is free.

  24. Stickys - visit info/download page.   [freeware]
    This is a very small, freeware program that allows you to have an electronic version of a little, yellow sticky note on your PC. A TON of features!

  25. Stock1 - visit info/download page.   [shareware]
    Great stock tracking program! This is a program that I wrote to track my favorite stocks, view graphs/charts, etc.

  26. StyleBuilder - visit info/download page.   [freeware]
    The visual styles that come with XP are blue, olive green, and metallic. That may be enough for some, but you want more choices. StyleBuilder allows you to create their own additional high-quality styles to fit your unique personality. Styles created with these can be used in my Weather1 program. :)

  27. TClock - [freeware]
    [Win7] - TClock - download
    [Win95-WinXP] - TClockEx - visit info/download page.

    TClock is a neat little program that enhances the clock that is built into the Windows taskbar. Now it is possible to see the date as well as the time on the taskbar in one glance, and with any format you like.

  28. To-do list - ksTodolist - Info/download page -  [shareware]
    This is a program that I wrote which manages your Todo's.

  29. Tray program - ksTray - visit info/download page.   [freeware]
    - this is a neat utility for any program. This puts any program in the system tray area, and out of the task bar. You can define your own icon too. Cool!

  30. Weather program - Weather1 - visit info/download page.   [shareware]
    - this is the BEST weather program!...and I wrote it! :) It sits in your tray and keeps you updated on Weather information in your area, satellite images, radar images, weather cams, weather warnings, forecasts, census data and MUCH more!

  31. Windows start button - Eppie Desktop v2.0a [30k] - download -   [freeware]
    [WinXP] Wouldn't it be great to replace the whole Start button with any given bitmap image? That's one fantastic tweak, and it can be done easily when you're using the Eppie Desktop Control Panel applet. This will work with both Windows 95, 98, and NT, but W95 users will be able to tweak another (small) setting. In a way, you'll be pushing your own buttons now.

  32. Wipe a hard drive
    From a bootable - DBAN info/download page
    From within Windows - Eraser info/download page
    -  [freeware]
    Software that wipes hard drives thoroughly, by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns, so you can safely sell/share them.

I hope you found this list useful. I run across new tools all the time, so keep a watch on this page for updates! Let me know if this page was helpful!
Feel free to send me some feedback.

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This page is Kelly's Picks, which is my favorite picks for software. Some are shareware, freeware, etc.