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  Watcher1 Vs. 2.00 - Updated 06/6/2007.

A great program called Watcher1 - even though this is free, I would appreciate any donations or postcards. This project took me about two months to produce, so I welcome any appreciation or feedback.

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What's Watcher1?
You can set it to watch a webpage (html, htm, cgi, asp, etc.) at the intervals you specify, and if the results do not meet your requirements, it will notify you via e-mail that there's a problem.
You can also set-it to PING instead of watching for specific content.

This runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista (or later).

  • Supports HTTP protocol
  • You can have it check for the webpage size (ie: 12000 bytes, etc.), or have it look for specific text in the page (ie: if you're checking cgi, asp, or exe output from a web script, etc.).
  • You can tell it to PING instead of watching for specific content.
  • You can specify the interval to check the website.
  • If it matches your alert setting, it will e-mail you the details to the e-mail you specify.
  • Very fast!
  • No install yet, but it's all in ONE exe file, so it's easy to use. The download is a zip file, so simply unzip it and copy it to it's own folder somewhere and run it.

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Click here for the PRO version

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