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  Watcher1Pro Vs. 1.05 - Updated 08/26/2002.

A great, new program called Watcher1PRO !

What's Watcher1PRO?
You can set it to watch multiple websites (html, htm, cgi, asp, etc.) at the intervals you specify, and if the results do not meet your requirements, it will notify you via e-mail that there's a problem (it also produces a log file). This also support the HTTPS protocol!
You can also set-it to PING instead of watching for specific content, and you can specify specific Ports, etc.

This runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, Win2k, XP (or later).

    Registration fee: only $14.95 (US);
    Purchase online (click order button) or send me an e-mail for details about how to register via regular mail.

  • Supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols!
  • You can have it check for the webpage size (ie: 12000 bytes, etc.), or have it look for specific text in the page (ie: if you're checking cgi, asp, or exe output from a web script, etc.).
  • You can tell it to PING instead of watching for specific content.
  • You can specify the interval to check the website.
  • You can have it send e-mail alerts if a site doesn't meet your validation criteria. Also supports SMTP Authentication.
  • Very fast!
  • Check multiple websites!
  • Includes install/uninstall.

Watcher1Pro.exe  (~740 k)



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