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Type Program Name Program Description Updated
Cool stuff Contact1 This is a powerful, easy-to-use Address Book program and Much more! 9/26/2005
IconHider This program allows you to hide or show your desktop icons, and start your screensaver -- all from the system tray. (Freeware) 4/21/2006
Jive1 Fun! This program takes your text and translates it to 'jive', 'texan', or 'valley girl' slang! (Freeware) 06/01/2002
ksFontViewer This utility allows you to preview fonts on your system. Very easy to use. Great app if you just want to see how text looks under different fonts, or if you're just looking for that special font. (Donation-ware/freeware) 01/02/2004
ksTodolist This is a great to-do list manager. Very easy to use. (shareware) 01/12/2003
KSTray This program allows you to minimize ANY program you specify to your system tray area and remove it from the taskbar. Cool! Previously called OutTray (and D2GTray). (Donation-ware/freeware) 08/12/2006
Rename4u An easy-to-use, powerful file renamer program! (Freeware) 01/12/2004
TimeTraker1 easily track where you spend your time on projects! 11/18/2002
Wallpap1 this program sits in your system tray and allows you to set it to automatically change/update your wallpaper at an interval you specify. (Freeware!) 08/22/2008
Graphics ksColorPick This is a great color picker. Very easy to use! (donationware) 07/27/2002
ksResizer This program allows you to resize images, create thumbnails, rotate, add text, borders, shadows and much more. Very easy to use. (shareware) 12/8/2006
Internet Utilities Stock1 pull the latest stock quotes and charts for your favorite stocks! 4/18/2008
Watcher1 monitor your website and let it notify you when it's down. (Freeware!) 06/6/2007
Watcher1Pro monitor multiple websites and let it notify you when they're down. (Shareware) 08/26/2002
Weather1® Weather1® has become the most popular weather software on the Internet. This program sits in your system tray and allows you to select your city for current weather statistics, forecasts, satellite images, radar images, and much more! It will automatically update within the hour! (see
Security Crypto123 This program allows you to encrypt/decrypt your files, - quickly and easily, and more! (shareware) 06/02/2002

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