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  ksColorPick - Version 1.00 - Updated 07/28/2002.

A great, new program called ksColorPick! Even though this is free, I would appreciate any donations or postcards.

What's ksColorPick?
ksColorPick is a fun and easy program for picking a color from any window!
Displays any color under your mouse cursor, also displays a magnifying loupe window, so you can see more details. Displays colors in a variety of formats including: HTML, Delphi, C/C++, VB, and RGB.
I welcome your feedback!

This runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista, Windows7.

  • Displays any color under your mouse cursor.
  • Displays the color in a color-filled window.
  • Displays the color text and name if applicable.
  • Displays the color in formats including HTML, RGB, Delphi/C/C++/VB, etc.
  • Easily save any color format to the clipboard for easily pasting into your code, etc.
  • Displays a magnifying window for the area under the cursor, with options to magnify it more.
  • Did I mention this was free? :)

ksColorPick.exe  (455k)


Note the position of the mouse cursor near the top of this screen shot:

ksColorPick screen shot

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