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  ksTodolist Vs. 1.02 - Updated 01/12/2003.

NOTE: This application is currently being redesigned. I hope to have a new version out soon!

What's ksTodolist?

It's a great tool for managing your to-do's!
Whether it's washing cars, mowing lawns, developing software, managing sales follow-ups, or doing housework, etc. It's very easy to use with a variety of features! See list below for details.
I welcome your feedback!

This runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, Win2k, XP, or later.

    Registration for an Individual license: only $10.00 (US);
    Registration for a Site license: please use the feedback form to request details.

    Individual License purchases:

  • Very fast!
  • Easily add, edit, delete to-do items.
  • Include subject, resources, notes, priority, % complete, date started/end/due, and more!
  • Very easy and simple to use. It's all in ONE exe file. Includes install and uninstall.
  • Export the to-do list to a separate file and load it later. You can create and save as many to-do lists as you like.
  • You can resize the columns to your preference. It remembers the width of the columns.
  • Auto-save option to automatically save the to-do list every 10 minutes.
  • Specify a particular to-do list to load on program start-up.
  • Only choose certain columns to display.
  • When minimized, it easily sits in your system tray, automatically hidden from the main task bar.

ksTodolist.exe  (about 700k)



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