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  ksTransLog Screen Saver - Version 1.02 (updated 12/29/2008)

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What is the ksTransLog screen saver?

This screensaver displays your preferred log file (ie: system log file) and displays it as scrolling text. The most recent log entries are shown at the top fixed, while the others scroll. The screensaver actually makes a temporary copy of the logfile so the system doesn't lock the file. See features and screenshots below for more options. This is donationware.

  • You can choose the log file to display. Every 60 seconds, the screensaver makes a copy of this file as temp.log (so the original file isn't locked), and the screensaver uses this copy to read & display as scrolling text. Near the top of the screen, there will be approx. five lines of static text containing the top, most recent log entries. To avoid screen burn-in, the alignment of the text will alternate between left and center alignment at five-minute intervals.
  • You can choose the font, font size, and font color.
  • You can choose the scrolling speed.
  • Includes automatic support for single and dual monitor configurations. You don't have to do anything, it will recognize your other monitors automatically.
  • You can choose an (optional) background image to show (the log file text scrolls over the image). To avoid burn-in, the image is aligned top-left and slowly moves to the right - very slowly at five-minute intervals. Then when it reaches the far right, it resets to top-left position.
  • Includes a small digital clock in the top-right of the screen. To prevent burn-in, the logo text and clock switch places every 5 minutes or so.

Sample screenshots:
ksTransLog screen shot     ksTransLog screen shot

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, Win2k, XP, Vista.

This is donationware. Please donate to help support the Author.

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Download BETA version (1.0): ksTransLog.exe (~750k - includes install/uninstall)

Donate to Kelly Software

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ksTransLog screen saver, - fun, geek, sys admin screen saver. Displays your system or windows log file in a cool interface.