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  Screen Saver Feedback and Comments

The following are direct quotes from feedback about my screen savers. If you have feedback, please send me an e-mail!

Your screen savers are some of the best I have ever used. I currently use "SNOW", but intend to down-load at least 2 more. You can't be perfection, and you are by all means doing a fine job. - Albuquerque, NM

It's very good! - Russia

Excellent job. Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot. - Selangor,Malaysia

I just saw your program on the Discovery Channel for the first time - Dec 16 1997. Very interesting indeed. - Ottawa, Canada

I love your screensavers!They are so cool and very realistic! Even though they are great,you should have more of a variety of them. - Paterson,NJ

Thank you for turning my boring screen into something that I actually like looking at. - Florida.

Wonderful job!!! Keep them coming. - Warsaw, VA

Terrific job. I am a computer consultant and love your work. - San Diego,CA

In all my surfing for s-savers, yours has been the best. - Florida

Very nice work. Found your site through a typo while looking for another site! - Levittown, PA

I love the snowman, I think i'ts the nicest Winter screen saver I've seen. I'm impressed, wish I knew how to do that. - Columbus,OH

Wish there were more people like you out there. I got some great links from you and nice screen saver. Keep up the good work.

I had already downloaded the Snow's really nice...and the other ones that I'm downloading are to see if they are as nice. On the snowsaver, though, I thought that your logo was stylish, not annoying. - Gainesville, Florida

Bravo!, California

Very nice!!! - New York

Thank you for sharing! - Fort Wayne, IN

It's nice to know you can get free stuff to try out once in a while. Usually everything cost. - warren, michigan

I like your sunset screen saver , its gordius.... And your lake too , mavelus .... - Quebec , Canada

this is so nice..I thank you so is nice when you are retired like me to find something free; thanks again...- Phoenix

I really like your snow screen saver. I'm looking forward to Sunset. Thank you! - Sewell, New Jersey


You do great work!

Your waterfall screen saver is great ! - Hong Kong

Love your site.....beatiful work. I linked here from Thanks for your screen savers. - Henderson, NV

while surfing around I noticed your beautiful water-fall scene.... I really love that. You're a master at your craft. - Zephyrhills, FL

I am a preschool teacher and we JUST got a computer in our classroom. During the downtimes (which is far and few between) I like to put on fun screensavers on for the enjoyment of the children (and myself). Thanks for offering these for free. - Ohio

I absolutely LOVE the sunset! It's better than the waterfall. But, it's a little too "dark" for me. It would be perfect if you brighten it up a bit.

You do great work, keep it up!:) - Milton, DE

I really like this site! - Taipei ,R.O.C

Your Waterfall screen saver is beautiful, I got it just now & I am going to try to fall asleep while it is running. I'm afraid of water but I think it is so beautiful. - Cinnaminson, NJ

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